Services Offered


The following services are offered by Delia Berlemis:


Family Mediation


Family mediation is a powerful tool in assisting couples to come to an agreement on the legal terms of their separation or divorce. As a neutral and impartial facilitator, I provide a safe environment in which my clients can come to terms regarding the division of their assets, the custody of their children, as well as any amounts payable in child and/or spousal support.

Joint Divorce


Once a couple has come to an agreement on the basic terms of their divorce, either through mediation or otherwise, it's time to begin the Joint Divorce Motion (“the divorce papers”). At this stage, I look at the provisions of the agreement and make sure that all of the legal aspects have been addressed.  I then prepare all the necessary paperwork, including:

  • Joint Motion of Divorce
  • A draft of the Divorce Judgement, to be signed by the Judge
  • Drafting what we call a Consent to Judgment on Accessory Measures
  • Detailed affidavits (which keep the parties involved from having to appear in Court)
  • List of exhibits
  • Attestation of the Registration of Birth
  • Child Support Determination Forms, which calculate the child support amounts

All of these documents are then signed before a Commissioner for Oaths and filed in the Court's records.

Once all the documents are with the Court, I do any follow-ups that may be requested by the Special Clerk. I'm also the one who receives the Judgment of Divorce after it's signed by a Superior Court Judge, and ultimately, the Certificate of Divorce (usually about 5 weeks following the Judgment of Divorce).